Aine Carlisle Jewelry

"jewelry that heals"

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Aine Carlisle creates a line of Sacred Power Jewelry made with natural gemstones and precious metals. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

While living in India in her 20's, Aine Carlisle was fascinated by the tribal women who seemed to magically "float" in from the desert. She would sit for hours at the edge of the hot Indian desert waiting for a glimpse of them. When they arrived at the village she would follow them around mesmerized by their beauty, grace, power and regality. What attracted her the most was their jewelry.They wore their wealth in jewels adorning their body. Their arms were covered in bangles from their wrists to their shoulders. They wore large ankle bracelets with bells, nose rings, and incredibly ornate necklaces made out of natural gemstones and silver. Their jewelry represented who they were, their position in their tribe, their place in the world. They knew what each stone represented, what each ornate metal carving meant.To them it was not just jewelry, it was their power they were proudly wearing for all to see. Their jewelry was sacred to them.

Aine Carlisle was smitten and it was from this awe inspiring beauty that Sacred Power Jewelry was spawned. Aine Carlisle created Sacred Power Jewelry to support women as they step into their true power and their true beauty. To support the women who are ready to "show up" and be seen by herself and others. To align her with her true life's purpose, to support her in embodying this and bring it forward into the world fully aligned with the spirit. While Sacred Power Jewelry may just look like beautiful jewelry to some, like the Indian women of the Desert state in India, and indeed all Tribal women and men of this world, they know the truth, that it is so much more than beautiful adornments!

I invite you to find the piece that inspires you to be more of your authentic,powerful, beautiful, sensual, creative, spiritually aligned vibrant, radiant self and express that fully in our world, we need you, we need all of you to show up and be you. Aine designs and creates each piece using natural gemstones and precious metals. They are all one of a kind, unique, timeless statement pieces. No matter how ornate one of her designs are, Aine creates each piece of Sacred Power Jewelry to be worn with jeans and a t-shirt,business suit, black evening dress or just a pair of high heels! Aine Carlisle now lives in Northern California North of Golden Gate bridge.